About The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America

Who We Are

The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America is the name for a Shia Muslim Twelver religious group that comprises scholars, preachers, speakers, and imams of mosques and religious centers in North America. It is a group that abides by the directions and teachings of the Supreme Religious Authority and the chief jurists of the seminaries who meet the conditions of rendering verdicts for emulation. The Council is an independent intellectual, religious group and has no political goals of any kind.


To serve and represent the Shia Muslims of North America in everything that concerns the affairs of their religion and the preservation of their legitimate interests.


To cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration for a better future, reflected by better citizenship and an improved position for Muslims in North America.


To promote the standing of Shia Muslims in North America and improve their effectiveness [in all manners] in accordance with the teachings and guidance of the Supreme religious authority, which is based on the Holy Quran and the directions and teachings of the holy Prophet Muhammad son of Abdullah (p), and the infallible Imams of his holy Household (p).

Goals & Objectives

  1. To carry out the mission of religious preaching, support all that can spread awareness about Islam from the viewpoint Ahl al-Bayt (p), and fortify religious identity, and intellectual and cultural development of society through various methods.
  2. To promote, educate and establish the principle of the “religious authority” according to Ahl al-Bayt (p).
  3. To represent the Shia community and speak on its behalf, and defend it and Shiism in all that relates to its religious matters and the interests of the community of believers in North America. Furthermore, to defend it against attempts by unqualified (i.e. illegitimate) scholars to hijack Shiism and the Shia.
  4. To improve and foster communication between the Shia and others by bolstering attendance and participation in local, regional, and international forums of relevance.
  5. To fulfill the paternal role of guiding the believers with a unified voice during different events and urgent matters.
  6. To intervene, mediate, and resolve conflicts and disputes that sometimes occur between the believers, which threaten their unity and wealth.
  7. To protect and support the members of the Council whenever they suffer from any injustice or unfair treatment or violation of their preaching and humanitarian roles.

Our Character

From the Preamble – The Council is an independent body in its legislation, activities, and membership. It maintains complete autonomy in its function notwithstanding its sponsorship, support, and administration by the Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya (IMAM). Further details are provided in the complete charter.

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