Consultative Body

The Consultative Body of the Council is the highest and most important body, and it constitutes the main backbone of the council of scholars. Furthermore, it possesses an unrestricted right to make decisions and take actions that accomplish the higher purposes of the Council. This applies to decisions relating to internal council affairs as well as for external affairs related to the Shia Muslim community in North America. This is based on the guidance, directions, and verdicts of the scholars of the seminaries and especially the supreme religious authority.

Sayyid Nabil Abbas

Montreal, Quebec

Sayyid Dr. Sulayman Ali Hassan Abidi

Deputy of Secretary General | Springfield, Virginia
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Shaykh Abbas Heirini al-Baghdadi

Calgary, Alberta

Shaykh Hazem al-Zirjawi

Dearborn Heights, Michigan
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Shaykh M. Reza Bagheri

Montreal, Quebec

Shaykh Ahmad Bahraini

Potomac, Maryland

Shaykh Abdul Menhem Charara

Windsor, Ontario

Shaykh Mohammad Eslami Gharaati

Queens, New York

Shaykh Ammar Hyder

Woodbridge, Virginia

Shaykh Mohammed Jafar Banglouri

Miami, Florida

Sayyid Dr. Kazem Mesbah Moosavi

Toronto, Ontario

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Secretary General | Toronto, Ontario
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Sayyid Hussain Saberi

Queens, New York

Shaykh Muhammad Sarwar

Long Island, New York

Shaykh Mohammad Saleh Seboweh

Montreal, Quebec

Shaykh Mohammad Akhawan T. Zakeri

Springfield, Virginia

Become a Member

All qualified scholars, clerics, clergymen, and Imams of mosques and centers, are invited to join the membership of the council. To learn more about the membership conditions, responsibilities, and benefits of being a member, please, see the Charter of the council and read the details mentioned on pages 6-9. If you would like to be a member of the council, please, fill out this application and send it to us at