The Washington Declaration


This declaration was made on the occasion of the thirteenth annual conference of the Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America entitled “Sectarian Violence: Its Origins, Results & Solutions,” which was held on the twenty-forth of the month of Shawal, 1434 A.H. – the first of September of 2013 – in Washington D.C. In attendance were groups of religious scholars, intellectuals, academics, leaders, the imams of centers, and the presidents and chairs of religious and community organizations of diverse Islamic sects. Discussions were held surrounding a number of important issues including the dire situation of unrest, destruction, genocide, and refugees that is being witnessed around the world, and more specifically, in the countries of Muslim populations, all a result of political agendas in the garb of religion and sectarianism. The conference attendees agreed upon a number of issues, decisions and agreements which, with the support of God Almighty, would serve to protect the sanctity and the freedoms of mankind, bring people together, improve the security, and safeguard coexistence.

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Shia-Sunni Alliance Forum – SSAF

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In February 2020, through collaboration between ADAMS and I.M.A.M., and with the support and participation of the most active and well-known Shia and Sunni scholars and Imams from different parts of the United States, the Shia-Sunni Alliance Forum (SSAF) was born after a 3-day retreat in the Washington D.C. area.

SSAF’s vision is focusing on important issues for American Muslims, including the benefits of Muslim unity, misconceptions about each other, challenges for unity, and worshiping together irrespective of differences.

SSAF corporates, supports, and encourages all imams to establish united activities, mutual programs, and family based social initiatives under “One God, One Umma, and One Mission” to bring us all together irrespective of differences. This would help promote tolerance, brotherhood, and solidarity. Of course, COVID-19 challenged this newborn noble project, but it continued with the least of possibilities and restarted again. Here is some further information about the aforementioned initiatives and others that are coming soon:

Photo Essay: Muslim Scholars Work Toward Unity at SSAF Retreat

“Remembering Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)” – A SSAF Shia-Sunni Alliance Forum Presentation

Sayyid Kashmiri Meets Dr. al-Issa, Chairman of The Muslim World League

Aug 15th @8pm | Shia-Sunni Alliance Forum (SSAF) Solidarity Gathering for New Mexico Muslim Community

Imam Magid meets Grand Ayatullah al-Sistani: Say, “ourselves” rather than “our brothers”

A wonderful sample of collaboration between Shia and Sunni

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