Mediation & Arbitration Committee

The Mediation and Arbitration Committee is entrusted with resolving the complaints and disputes that may arise among the believers about centers, schools, and Islamic institutions, or among leaders such as clergy.

This committee shall be formed when necessary. Selection of its members shall be made according to circumstances, need, and importance and will come from members of the Consultative Body. This committee ends when the task entrusted to it ends. This committee shall settle disputes through mediation in order to overcome obstacles and bring about reconciliation and harmony and shall, as far as possible, be exempted from arbitration unless it is necessary to preserve communal unity and preserve property from damage.

Become a Member

All qualified scholars, clerics, clergymen, and Imams of mosques and centers, are invited to join the membership of the council. To learn more about the membership conditions, responsibilities, and benefits of being a member, please, see the Charter of the council and read the details mentioned on pages 6-9. If you would like to be a member of the council, please, fill out this application and send it to us at