About Sayyid Muntadher Aljabery (Almusawi)


Sayyid Muntadher Aljabery (Almusawi)

Sayyid Muntadher Aljabery (Almusawi)

Sayyid Aljabery began his Islamic studies at an early age at the same time as he was pursuing his academic education in the Arabian Peninsula. After relocating to the United States with his family, he continued his academic education and completed two years of college. He also continued his Islamic studies at both the introductory and intermediate levels (al-muqaddimat and al-sutuh al-wistah) and continues to further his seminarian studies through distant learning. He is a writer, researcher, and speaker who has lectured in both English and Arabic for over twelve years in several U.S. cities.

In 2012, he took part in the founding of the Fatimiah of Pittsburgh Islamic Center in Pennsylvania and served as a resident scholar and imam there for seven years.

He currently serves the Shia Muslim community of Minneapolis Minnesota as a resident Imam and also contributes to I.M.A.M. as a researcher and writer and answers fiqh questions by telephone and on the website.

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