Submit Your Proposal Today | “Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics” Conference

7th International Conference on “Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics” (ECOTHEE-22)

October 26-29, 2022, Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC), Kolympari, Greece

Background: Humanity’s wasteful use of nature’s resources and insatiable cravings for consumption, especially after the Industrial Revolution, have caused unwanted climate change with devastating effects in unpredictable dimensions. The Quranic phrase "destroying the farms and people" [2:205] can refer to this situation. Many people today are suffering from the effects of global warming and the environmental crisis. Even those who have been safe from it so far are at immediate risk, and their current safety is tenuous and unguaranteed. Although the situation is an unstable and challenging one, public opinion and influential social forces have fortunately become increasingly aware of the issue and are determined to unite in containing the crisis. Groups of scientists, leaders, and religious institutions are taking compensatory action to lessen the toll. Fortunately, I.M.A.M. has been involved in this awareness-raising effort to protect our planet. The development and publication of practical recommendations and the dissemination of informative materials are examples of these activities. I.M.A.M. also participated in international conferences to exchange views with scientists and engage in intra- and interfaith dialogue on the most effective ways of protecting nature as a God's trust to human beings. The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America would like to invite religious scholars, scientists, and researchers to submit proposals of no more than one page or 250 words for consideration on the following topics by July 30th, 2022. How to Apply: Please send your proposal to Dr. Louk Andrianos at Please include your name, institutional affiliation, and contact information. Suggested Topics:
  1. Ecological Theology and Eco-Ethics
  2. Theology of Oikos and Eco-Justice
  3. Climate Change and Climate Justice
  4. Ecological Racism and Ethics of Sustainability
  5. Biodiversity and Land Ethics
  6. Water, Oceans, and Energy
  7. Insights from Cosmology, Evolution and Life / Earth Sciences,
  8. Alternatives for Economy of Life and Ethics of "Enough" (Greed Line)
  9. Global Ecological Risk, Sustainable Development and Case Studies
  10. Spiritual Values and Forgiveness
  11. Case Studies of Alternative Solutions for Sustainable Development.
  12. Religious Leaders and Institutions' Cooperation with The Un for Environmental Justice.
Presentations can be up to 20 minutes in length followed by a discussion. Please consider participatory and creative styles, panel proposals, workshops, round tables, or poster sessions. Focusing on causal roots as practical solutions for each issue are especially encouraged. The congress language is English. Abstracts should be submitted in an electronic form and include the title, authors’ names, session topic, and affiliations. Important Dates: Abstract Submission Deadline: July 30, 2022 Author Notification: August 15, 2022 Conference days: October 26th-29th, 2022 Early registration deadline May 30, 2022 Final Manuscript Due: December 30, 2022 Registration: See the flyer below for more details and for even more information, click here. ECOTHEE2022 Poster