Condolences on the passing of His Eminence, Sayyid Mohammad Hussein al-Husseini al-Jalali

Condolences on the passing of His Eminence, Sayyid Mohammad Hussein al-Husseini al-Jalali

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In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficent

The Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (P), is reported to have said:

“When a learned [religious scholar] dies a void occurs in Islam that nothing will fill except if he is succeeded by one like him…”

[al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar vol. 2, p. 44.]

بيان المجلس بمناسبة رحيل سماحة العلّامة السّيّد محمّد حسين الجلالي إلى الدّار الآخرة

With great sadness and sorrow, the Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America offers its sincerest condolence to all scholars, preachers, imams of Islamic centers, and believers in North America for the passing of His Eminence Sayyid Mohammad Hussein al-Husseini al-Jalali (may the mercy of Allah be upon him), who was a great scholar and the founder and director of the Open School in Chicago.

Sayyid Mohammad Hussein came from a learned, respected, and well-known family. He was the son of the late great scholar Sayyid Mohsen al-Jalali, and the brother of Sayyid Mohammad Taqi al-Jalali and Sayyid Muhammad Ridha al-Jalali, the martyr and great researcher, respectively. All of them gained their knowledge from the Islamic Seminary in the Holy city of Najaf under great scholars and jurists, and graduated with excellence as prominent scholars, researchers, and authors.

The late Sayyid Mohammad Hussein immigrated to some of the gulf countries where he led congregational prayers and served the community of believers as an official representative for the late Ayatullah al-Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei (may Allah bless his soul) in the 1970’s. Thereafter, he immigrated to the Holy city of Qom and later to the United States in the early 1980s. He arrived in Chicago and remained there until the day he departed from this world on the evening of Saturday the 5th of Rabi’ al-Akhir 1442 AH after a long life of about eighty years which he spent serving Islam, spreading its teachings, preserving its heritage, and conveying its rulings through his valuable writings and energetic teaching to both Muslims and non-Muslims, especially through his organization, The Open School.

May Allah bestow His mercy upon the departed and grant him dwelling in paradise, and bestow patience and reward upon his family “… to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return”.

The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America
6 Rabi’ al-Akhir 1442 – November 22, 2020